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Open Q Headphone Stand

The "Open Q" headphone stand is a simple and elegant solution for displaying your favorite pair of headphones.
- Features a tripod-like base with a narrow profile, reducing the amount of desk space taken up by the stand.
- Contoured resting area allows headphones to sit smoothly, preventing uneven wear on padding.
- Warm stains and brass accents provide a classic and professional appearance.

The following style options are available:
- Stains: Choose from Dark Walnut, English Chestnut, Early American, Red Mahogany, and Cherry.
- An optional leather lining protects your headphones in style.

- All Open Q headphone stands share the same general form, however there will be slight aesthetic differences, such as edge patterns. Orders require your choice of stain and specification of if the optional leather padding is included. If you are interested in any customization other than these, such as edgework or other design changes, please be sure to contact us within 24 hours of placing your order to ensure we are able to incorporate your choices into your product. If no communication is received, we will take it upon ourselves to style the stand how we see fit.

Open Q

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Open Q in Early American
Open Q in Dark Walnut (with leather, custom edgework, and profile)